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Success Stories

Energy Group Success Story: Ames Free Library

The town of Easton, Ma earned the Green Communities designation in 2010. There have been many town initiatives including efficiency upgrades to public buildings, energy reduction plans, residential home energy assessments and the annual community energy challenge. Beyond the publicized actions there are many other noteworthy environmental accomplishments including a recent lighting upgrade for the Ames Free Library campus.

The charming and beautiful recently renovated library building and historical Queset House are now benefiting by utility funded upgrades to the existing lighting. By simply swapping out the majority of older fluorescent light bulbs and inefficient incandescent sources with up-to-date LED technology lamps, the library campus buildings have gained better lighting quality and a reduction of energy use and maintenance costs.

Over 55 recessed down lights went from 42 watt, mercury containing fluorescent to 12 watt hazard free LED. The stylish and high quality hanging pendants were retrofitted with specialized LED lamps replacing inefficient and heat producing halogen bulbs. The old halogen bulbs had to be changed frequently and gave off 90% of their energy as heat. The Large chandeliers in hard to reach areas now also have long lasting LED screw base lamps and provide more illumination for the patron areas below.

The Queset House, in keeping with the historic character had little illumination due to the utilization of existing fixtures and absence of new wiring. LED A style lamps in sconces, ceiling fixtures and candleabra bulbs in chandeliers improved the overall light levels without compromising the character of the architect, Jay Thomas’s design. Areas that were dark are now brightly illuminated and more functional for occupants. LED bollards now also illuminate the front of the building with dusk to dawn technology.

The overall investment of less than $1000 will result in $3000 in energy costs YEARLY!

This energy efficient lighting success story was provided by GE lighting products and facilitated by Granite City Electric. Margie McNally, LED Lighting specialist at Granite City Electric helped the library utilize local utility rebate programs for many of the upgraded lamps to be free of cost to them. Many of the pin base lamps for their recessed fixtures cost the library only $1.00 each. The reduction in wattage and maintenance costs in conjunction with the low cost for new LED lighting resulted in an almost immediate return on investment for the library and long-term substantial savings on electricity costs.

Businesses interested in working with Margie can contact her at Margie.Mcnally@granitecityelectric.com or call 617-594-1487.

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