Generator Facts

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Buying an emergency home standby generator in New England is an investment towards a safer and more reliable future.  A power outage can happen at any time in New England -  putting families, homes, security, and yes the freezer full of food at risk.  Having a generator standing by just might help you sleep better tonight.   Before making that final and important decision, get to know the facts:

Fact: Home Generators are affordable

If you were to have purchased a home standby generator 10 years ago you probably would have paid close to $20,000!  The price of a new car!  In 2017, a home generator is now much more affordable.  Pricing will depend on the size of your home, your emergency power needs, and the process needed for a safe installation on your property.  But isn't having peace of mind priceless?

Home Generators are Safe

Just like any piece of equipment where electrical and natural gasses are involved, there's always a chance of failure.  The generators we offer have features designed to keep installers and homeowners safe.  One option is an external fuel solenoid valve which provides a safe and automatic way to shut off fuel during a fire or emergency.  This automatic system shut-down means in the case that a fire might occur, your generator will self extinguish!

Fact: Home Generators are Energy Efficient

Many generators feature technology that allows for whole-house managed power—utilizing a smaller, more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly generator system. This technology allows homeowners to purchase smaller generators and still get whole-house power through load management.

Most home generators will not result in an extreme increase in your fuel bill in the situation of a prolonged power outage.

Fact: Power outages happen all year long for many different reasons

Many times power outages result from unpredictable weather, man-made or natural disasters, or most frequently because of random utility equipment failure.  While the chances of a power outage might be more noticeable in the winter months, they are just as frequent in the summer months, when air conditioners and other appliances are working extra hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. 


Fact: A Generator may still be a necessity even with a Solar Electric System 

Have Solar?  That's great.  Did you know that a lot of solar electric systems do not offer on-site energy storage?  What does that mean?  Basically it means that if you need electricity when your solar system is not generating electricity, it is provided by your local utility company.   What this also means is when your utility company experiences an outage, you do! You can prevent power outages by installing a standby generator.    

If having reliable cost effective electricity 24/7 is important to you, chances are you will need to install a backup generator.  

In the long run, choosing a generator for backup power is a reliable, smart financial option.  In the short-term choosing a generator means sustainable reliable power, as well as safety and comfort for your family and home.