Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to your questions! 


1. I’ve never used the Granite City Electric website before. How do I access my company account? 

If you are an existing customer you will need to request your login information here.  Our support team will create a login for you tied to your account in our system and will email you a username and password.  Using this login will give you full access to your order history, printing/viewing invoices, checking balances, monthly statements, and items ordered in the past.  This login will also activate your special pricing on the website and give you access to see inventory by branch.   Using this login will also ensure your branch will process your web orders. 

If you are a New Customer, you can create an account right on our website here


2.  I used your old website but now my login information isn’t working, do I need a new login?  

No, your login information is the same on our new website.  However, login information on the new site is case sensitive and that may be why you’re login isn’t working.  If you would like someone to send you a login and password reminder you can email that request to

3. I have employees that I would like to use the website.  Do you offer restriction settings we can use for their login? 

Yes, when requesting a login anyone who is not an owner or executive of the company will be set up without access to the credit account inquiry information.  They can see order history, pricing, inventory, invoices etc.  We can restrict other areas like pricing at your request.  Requests can be sent to


4. How come I can’t see Inventory or Pricing?  

This is an error that can happen with customers who have multiple ship-to addresses.  To get this fixed email your request to

5. How are web orders processed?  

Web orders are processed like any other order submitted via email, phone, at the counter, etc.  Your branch receives a message in our system to notify them of your web order.  Web orders start as a bid in our system and need to be processed by a branch employee.  This gives the opportunity for any adjustments or changes to be made. 


6. Can I order on my phone? 

Yes, our site is mobile friendly and has all of the same functions.  If you have any issues using the mobile site please email


7. If I place an order for Night Train after my branch is closed, will it still be processed that night? 

No, as mentioned earlier, web orders are processed just like any order.  If your branch is closed, there is no one there to process the order and get it on the Night Train truck. 


8. Where can I find items I’ve ordered in the past?

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see “My Account” at the very top of the website page.  Click on My Account -> Product and Order Management -> Reorder Pad.  The “Reorder Pad” will list all of the items you’ve purchased in the past.  If you are looking for a specific item, you can search within the Reorder Pad list in the box next to “Narrow Results By” or you can also sort them into alphabetical order. 

You can also find past purchased items by going through you order history and searching by order # or PO#. Order History can be found in My Account -> Account Review -> Order History. 


9. Can I put items into my cart and then save it for later? 

Yes, after you add your items to your cart, at the bottom of your cart there is a button to “save cart.”  Click “save cart” and the cart will be saved to your account.  To access it later go to -   Login -> My Account -> Product and Order Management ->  Saved Carts.


10. Why are my invoices printing on 2 pages? 

This is a known issue with our system.  We are working on getting that fixed as soon as possible. 


11. I already have the product #s I need to order. Do I have to search for them every time to check out? 

No, you can use the “Quick Pad” to quickly add your item #s and quantities directly to your cart and check out.  You can find the “Quick Pad” under My Account -> Product and Order Management -> Quick Pad. 


12. Can I find the status of an Open Order? 

Yes, under Open Orders or Open orders by Product you will see expected ship dates.  You can find open orders under My Account -> Account Review ->  Open Orders or Open Orders by Product.

13. Can I organize groups of products for a job or future quote?

Yes, you can add products into product groups and sub groups for better organization and easy access.   When you are on a product’s page, right next to the Check Out button you will find a Product Groups button.  Click on Product Groups and add it to an existing Product Group or create a new Product Group for it.  Product groups are saved for later access under My Account ->  Product and Order Management -> Product Groups. 


14. I have my own part numbers, can I use them? 

Yes!  You can add your customer #s individually or we can import them all at once for you.  To add them manually just click on the product and on the product’s page and under the Resources Tab you will see the Customer Part Number link.   Click on Customer Part Number and a box will pop up for you to enter your part # and click update.  You can later access a list of your customer part #s under My Account -> Product and Order Management -> Customer Part Numbers.  

If you have a list you’d like to have imported to your account you can email your request to


15.   How can I have more search results display on one page instead of clicking through multiple pages?

You can actually change your personal account settings to display 30, 60, 90, or ALL the results all on one page.  You can change your settings under My Account -> Account Management -> Personal Settings.   

16. Where is your credit application?

You can download our credit application here.  


17. How can I apply for a job? 

Our online job application process is here.  You can see a list of open positions and apply for a position there. 


18. Do you offer a PunchOut Option?

Yes we do.  Depending on your business needs, we do offer select customers a PunchOut option that makes it possible for your buyers to access our Web site from your own procurement application.  Punchout requests can be sent to