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Success Stories

Energy Group Success Story: Lowell Parking Authority

In the busy downtown section of Lowell, Massachusetts sits the Leo A. Roy Parking Facility. This city-operated garage accommodates 1100 cars on five levels and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only does the garage consume a massive amount of electricity, it must provide a sense of security to the workers and local residents who use the garage round the clock.

After conferring with the city’s electric supply company, Granite City Electric, ThinkLite was recommended for their unique LED retrofit solution. Jim Troup, Parking Director for the City of Lowell said, “ThinkLite was the best choice for this project because they are the only company with a retrofit solution that allows us to keep the existing fixtures and swap out the T8 fluorescents while producing significantly more light than the current lighting.”

The ThinkLite solution provided the City of Lowell with an unmatched combination of improved light levels, energy consumption cut by approximately 50%, and lamp and ballast maintenance eliminated for approximately ten years. Troup added, “We were able to secure a 50% cash incentive rebate from our utility against the cost of the project. Combined with the monthly electric savings, we are calculating a remarkable payback for a project of this size.

Retrofitting this garage was so successful, we plan to move forward to retrofit all public garages in the City of Lowell.” The Energy Group at Granite City Electric is all about saving business owners money and improving lighting with energy efficient options. Our team will work with business owners throughout the entire project to ensure a guaranteed and substantial return on your investment with LED technologies, product rebate programs, and energy saving products. Click here to read the original ThinkLite press release.

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